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Happy Promise day quotes 2017

Posted by Ashok kumar
Happy Promise day quotes 2017 : On the day of promise day use these romantic promise day quotes for you girlfriend and boyfriend. These are are best promise day quotes that you can send to your loved and dear ones.

I Want to be the Greatest of Me,
For this is All I can do.
It is my Wish that U Promise Me this,
U be the Greatest of You.
Happy Promise Day 2017

Happy Promise Day to my Sweet Friend

Speaking Without Egos,

Caring Without Expectations,

Loveng Without Intentions

I Promise – U Will Be Mine Always.

Happy Promise Day to My Love !!!

Happy Promise day quotes 2017 Promises in hindi

Py@r k@ unhe his@@b ky@ dete,
S@w@@l s@@re g@l@t the j@w@@b ky@ dete,
wo to 3 l@fzo ki hif@@z@t n@ k@r s@ke,
phir unke h@@th me zind@gi
ki kit@@b k@ise dete……
::Happy Promise Day::

A@ne K@ W@d@ To K@r Lete Ho,
P@r Nibh@n@ Bhool J@te Ho
L@g@@@ K@r @@g Dil Mein @@p,
Bujh@n@ Bhool J@te Ho…

Kiya tha ek wada aane ka
Lakin aap usse nibhana bhul gaye
Aag to laga di mere dil mei
Lakin usse bhujana bhul gaye

Happy Promise day quotes 2016 Promises for Wechat

I can’t promise you a life of sunshine,
I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold,
I cannot promise you an easy way that leads away from change or growing old,
But I can promise, all my heart’s devotion. Love You.. ♥

Promise Day Shayari
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